Open mobility ecosystem

We connect vehicles, services and users on a multi-sided network.

As of today, consuming a service such as parking, although already digitalized, can be a very difficult experience depending on the car you drive, the location you park at and the provider who owns the lot. Some require you to download an app, others to carry along a piece of hardware or display, and still others are not available for your car model at all.

We bring together the different players of the mobility ecosystem to simplify the provision and consumption of mobility services. We are doing this by technically enabling vehicles to let them carry out transactions autonomously with as little human interaction as possible. Service providers keep full control of their service offering - just like today. We provide them with the platform to settle transactions effected by their customers - fully transparent, automated and fraud proof.

Use cases

We enable the entire range of services provided by our network participants.

  • Fueling

    Car eWallet will change the way you are going to experience refueling your car. Instead of waiting at the gas station to pay at the cash desk, you just drive in, fuel and go. Your vehicle makes sure you have paid and won't be chased by the police.
  • Parking

    Car eWallet makes parking as simple as it gets. Just drive to a parking area, leave your car and do what you have to do. The parking will be handled automatically by your vehicle. Location-based, context-specific and settled on the minute.
  • Charging

    Car eWallet will allow drivers of electric vehicles to seamlessly roam across charging areas. By emplyoing ISO 15118, vehicles can directly communicate with the charging station and use smart contracts to close charging transactions.
  • Car Pass

    Car eWallet records an immutable log of vehicle related data based on a unique car integration module. This will change the way we buy and sell used vehicles and will lead to an unprecedented level of trust and transparency.

Frequently asked questions

More questions?

What is Car eWallet?
An open transaction network for mobility providers and car owners. We technically connect services with their infrastructure and enable vehicles to consume such. And all this in the most seamless, secure and transparent way.
What is Car eWallet not?
Yet another (closed) mobility ecosystem. We are open by definition. Neither do we control the network nor the customer of our participants. We do not settle transactions, but provide the technical infrastructure for everyone to do some great business on.
What do I need Car eWallet for?
To process and settle autonomous transactions for mobility services consumed by a vehicle. Participants connect once and are enabled to enter into any business relationship with any participant they like - i.e. the fleet with 1,000+ vehicles or the fueling provider with its 500 gas stations across Germany.
Which use cases work with Car eWallet?
Any you can think of... from parking to fueling to insurances. We focus on mobility services around automobiles for the time being. If you think, your service could enrich today's mobility, drop us a line.
What is Blockchain?
By pure definition, Blockchain is a decentralized ledger that is distributed and therefore accessible to the network. Although it may be used to facilitate monetary transactions, it is nothing we focus on. We provide our participants with an opportunity to reach consensus about transactions affecting two or more parties carried out by machines with the objective to create trust amongst them.
What makes Car eWallet a network to trust?
Car eWallet assumes a neutral position while building on the established business relations of its holding company, ZF. The network is based on Blockchain and therefore designed to distribute control to its members. You decide what you share and with whom.
There are other platforms available. Why Car eWallet?
We believe that mobility should be accessible to everyone independent of their car or customer affiliation. This is why we want to embrace other platforms rather than building up a competitive network providing the most open and standardized APIs to join. We think this makes us unique.
How does Car eWallet earn money?
We want every participant to benefit from the network. This is why we do want to create as little barriers as possible to join. Our business model is therefore based on access or usage rather than on transaction fees.
I am interested in further talks. What do I have to do?
We are always excited to further explore how Car eWallet can bring mobility to the next level. Just drop us a line and we will get back to you.