Mutually beneficial by design

We create a win-win for all network participants.

Car eWallet is built as a multi-sided platform open for everyone to join. One the hand there is the car, which consumes services on behalf of its owner. This could be a fleet, an individual or even a car manufacturer. On the other hand there is the mobility service provider. Both sides connect directly and define their business relationship. Car eWallet enables your business providing the technical infrastructure for both the vehicle and transaction handling.

What we do

Car manufacturer

Most of today's vehicles are already connected. OEMs provide their platforms to manage and prepare their data for an enhanced in-car experience, i.e. to find free parking or the next gas station right in the car's head unit.

The challenge to provide sufficient coverage of services and to onboard them one by one is what Car eWallet takes responsibility for. With ZF as our engineering backbone we pre-enable your vehicle. The customer remains yours and enjoys a seamless ride.


New vehile registrations in Germany in 2017

Fleet owner


Vehicles in Germany operated and managed by fleets

The concept of ownership is changing when it comes to cars. Fleets are on the rise. Whether you are a corporate or a rental company, you have to manage a large amount of vehicles used by even more drivers.

The management of your assets remains yours. We provide a wide range of mobility services to choose from. Whether its parking, refueling or even insurances. You decide what you want your cars to consume. The settlement is up to you and the provider based on a transparent log of transactions.

Service provider

Even though vehicles may not drive fully autonmous yet, driver expect the world around their cars already to be as invisible as possible.

Whereas some provide their services via an app, the process of making use of such is not fully flexible as of today. With our car integration we shift the focus from the consumer to the car allowing a large amount of machines independently of their brand to trigger transactions autonomously. This makes a process such as parking as easy as stop, park, and go.


Revenue generated by mobility services worldwide in 2030

Car owner


Private vehicles registered in Germany in 2017

Although new mobility concepts such as car sharing gain in importance, there are still millions of housefold owning one or more cars.

More and more are connected, some provide the opportunity of built-in services. Each of these services, however, requires an individual app or cannot be shared across brands. With Car eWallet we provide an open, non-exclusive world of services the car owner expects. With our partners we want to provide the most diverse and seamless offering for the owner and their cars.