Say hello to the first automotive Blockchain.

We envision mobility to be seamless, effortless, convenient, and autonomous. The enabler of such vision is Car eWallet, a transaction network that allows a full end-to-end integration of mobility services, vehicles and infrastructure.

With Car eWallet we introduce the future of machines that are able to carry out transactions autonomously.


With Car eWallet we want to bridge the gap of providing and consuming a mobility service in the most seamless way. Our focus is the car. This is where we come from and what we know by heart.

Thorsten Weber, CEO

Main advantages

We enable cars to become business entities on their own to autonomously consume services like parking or charging.


We connect vehicles via a car integration to initiate and facilitate transaction processes autonomously.


We connect participants to the network via standard interfaces reducing technical efforts to a minimum.

Better user

We enhance the experience of parking, refueling or charging, to become pleasantly invisible.

New business

We connect car owner and service providers via smart contracts to make business in the most flexible way.

We use the best of Blockchain for machine-to-machine transactions.

How it works

We process machine-to-machine transactions in the most secure way.

Car eWallet uses the best of Blockchain and decentralized networks. It allows cars to autonomously trigger transactions on the basis of smart contracts, securely stored as a chain of immutable data blocks. The result is a record of transactions network participants of private channels are able to settle based on a shared ledger.

With a technology relying on Blockchain machines become trusted participants of the network while maintaining established business practice.

Why Blockchain

Who we are

We are an independent subsidiary of the renowned automotive supplier ZF Friedrichshafen AG.

In 2016 Car eWallet started as an idea within ZF's IoT-Lab in Friedrichshafen. Ever since the project evolved and became a fully independent company by the end of 2018. We are now a diverse team of coders, business developers and creatives located in Berlin.